Small Animal Research

Topics: Labrador Retriever, Cat, Rose-ringed Parakeet Pages: 3 (728 words) Published: April 22, 2014
Yellow Lab
The scientific name for a yellow lab is a Canis familiaris. The male yellow lab averages a weight of 74 lbs. and the females are a bit lighter while weighing 65 lbs. Both male and female are around 23 inches tall when fully grown. The Labrador’s coat is a whitish yellow. A Labrador would do okay in an apartment but are quite active and would be happiest with at least an average sized backyard. You can feed a Labrador dog food for big dogs but should look for one with a high protein content. Labradors are prone to getting health problems such as dysplasia of their hips, eye problems, heart disease and many more.

Burmese Cat
The Persian cat’s scientific name is a Felis catus. Burmese cats were brought to America in 1930 from Burma. They are actually pretty heavy at about 10 pounds. This is because they’re very muscular. The most common color for a Burmese cat is either brown or a bluish grey. Burmese cats need a lot of room to adventure off into and will be able to keep them busy if they can climb since they are very active animals. The diet for a Burmese should be high quality dry food and canned food. The brown Burmese cat’s brown fur is because their genes are partially albino leaving their colors much paler or washed out than it normally would have been. Some Burmese cats also suffer from Hypokalaemia caused by low potassium levels but is much more prevalent in UK breeds.

Golden Gecko
The scientific name for a golden gecko is a Gecko Ulikovskii. Their origin is from the tropical rainforests in Vietnam. They’re pretty small because they can be around 7 inches long when fully grown though females tend to be a bit smaller. Golden geckos’ weight can range from about 1-2 ounces and can be about an inch tall with their arms and legs extended off the ground. The ground layer of the gecko’s house should be...
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