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Slumdog movie different from book it is 'based' on|
By: Amul Sharma |  | Date:  2009-01-19|  | Place: Mumbai|
Here's how much the screenplay of Slumdog Millionaire varies from its inspiration, Q&A

Slumdog Millionaire based on Vikas Swarup's Q &A releases this month. The film has been appreciated all around the world.

We are but a few of that select group of people who've seen the film, and have also read the book. We found many differences between the two.

Below we list the differences between from the best-selling book and the Best Adapted Screenplay-winning (at the Golden Globes) film.

In the movie

Dev Patel plays the role of Jamal Malik.

Jamal's mother is killed in the local riots.

Freida Pinto's character Latika knows Jamal since childhood.

Salim is the brother of Jamal.

Jamal goes on the show because he hopes Latika would watch him, as she likes the show.

Jamal works in a call center.

The movie is a flashback of Jamal sharing the story with the cop Irrfan Khan.

Except for the first question about Amitabh rest all the questions are changed while he is on the hot seat.

For the last question he calls Salim's phone.

Salim becomes a gangster and eventually dies.
The entire journey has been changed. Only the trip to the Taj Mahal in Agra remains the same.

In the Book

The name of the lead character is Ram Mohammed Thomas.

Ram is an orphan and is raised by a priest that's how he knows English.  

Ram Mohammed Thomas only meets his ladylove in his teenage years and she is a prostitute.

Salim is Ram's best friend.

One of the reasons Ram goes to the show because he wants to win money and pay the pimp to free his ladylove.

Ram mainly works as house help to different people.

In the book he is narrating his story his lawyer.
He calls an English professor he meets in his journeys.

Salim goes on to become a Bollywood actor.

The twist in the tale...

One of the reasons that motivates Ram Mohammed Thomas to go on the show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? has been completely omitted in the film.

In the book, as a kid, Ram works for an ageing Bollywood actress's house as a boy. She is shown having an affair with an actor Prem Kumar.

The man abuses Ram and later also abuses his girlfriend. When Ram grows up, he realises that the actor is also the show's host.

Ram wants to get even with  him, and comes on the show. He even smuggles a gun on the show and points it at him in the restroom when Prem Kumar gives him the wrong answer. All this has been left out of the movie. |

Slumdog Millionaire – Did The Movie Do Justice To The Book? by Hasan on July 22, 2009

Usually when books are remade into movies, there is found to be a whole lot of difference. We have seen this happen with many movies in the past and this is true of the latest adaptation of the book written by Vikas Swarup, into the movie, “Slumdog Millionaire” directed by Danny Boyle. In spite of the differences, the movie was praised to the skies as one of the best movies of recent times and attracted quite a few voluptuous black ladies – the Oscars! The book, titled “Q&A” is also a rags-to-riches story, where it talks about how the protagonist, Ram Mohammed Thomas, who is a tea stall waiter, wins the big prize on a TV game show. He is depicted in the book as a man of all religions and thus the name. Coming to the movie; although, it is based on the theme of the book, it has its own unique story line and deviates quite a bit from what has been written. Was the movie better than the book?

This is a difficult question to answer. But the differences between the book and movie start with the main theme itself. The slums of Mumbai in Slumdog Millionaire, are projected as places where extreme poverty and only poverty prevails – which is not what the book depicts. The defecation scene shown in the first part of the...
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