Slumdog Millionaire

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Slumdog Millionaire essay
One conflict in the film Slumdog Millionaire by Danny Boyle is between Jamal and Prem Kumar. Conflict is one of the main important aspects in the film. It is seen throughout the film between the main characters, Jamal and Prem. Even from the opening scene, Jamal is being beaten up and tortured by the police because Prem thinks Jamal is cheating and he doesn’t want him to win the 20 million rupees offered in the gameshow, “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” Prem even gives Jamal a wrong answer by writing ‘B’ on a bathroom mirror but Jamal knows he doesn’t like him so choose ‘D’ instead and turns out being the right answer. This example shows that Prem wants Jamal to fail and that conflict is present between the two.

 One of the several techniques used in the film is the cinematography. Cinematography is what makes the film special. It helps make a scene more interesting by putting different kind of shots, camera angles or changing the colour tones. One type of shot used through cinematography is a mid shot. The show shows Jamal and Prem staring each other down while Prem is asking him questions before the show starts. It shows the values between the two and obviously Prem is the center of attention because he runs the show. It also tells use the conflict is still going on when the game show is live on air. Another example of cinematography is a close up showing being very nervous and shaky then cuts to Prem with a big grin on his face and being very confident. This shows who’s more dominant when the show is on air which clearly is Prem and he doesn’t see Jamal as a threat. The last example of cinematography that I will be describing is a crane show, looking over everyone in the place where the gameshow is going on. It clearly shows and tells us that it is an arena where a competition is taking place. It also tells use Jamal and Prem are the main characters since they are in the middle, separated from the audience.

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