Slumdog Millionaire

Topics: Bollywood, Slumdog Millionaire, Vikas Swarup Pages: 3 (1108 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Name writer: Vikas Swarup
Book title: Slumdog millionaire
Publishing year: 2005
The story starts with the moment at which Ram Mohammed Thomas is arrested by the police. He has just won an enormous amount of money, namely one billion rupees. All that by winning a quiz-show called ‘Who will win a Billion’ a quiz show that is similar to the show that we know as ‘Lotto weekend millionaires’. The problem is that the company who made the show just doesn’t want to believe that a poor, 18 years old boy could ever win a quiz-show with difficult questions like this, they think he has cheated during the show and they don’t want to give him the money. After he has been tortured for a couple of hours by the policemen, a woman named Smita walks in and says she has bought him out of prison and that she will be his lawyer. She wants to help him prove that he has won the quiz-show fairly and that he therefore deserves the money. They watch the DVD of the recorded show together and Ram tells before every question how he knew the answer to it. By explaining how he knew the answers to the questions, Ram slowly tells the story of his life. He tells Smita that he is an orphan because his mother left him at a church and that he was raised by the pastor of the church: ‘Father Timothy’ and that he was killed by another pastor in the church. He tells her about how he lived in an orphanage and how he was treated badly by the boss of the orphanage, how he worked for a wealthy Australian family and for an actress named Neelima Kumari who was very famous in the past. He also tells her about how he lived together with his best friend Salim and that he met a girl there who was like a sister to him, her name was Shantaram and he left her because he thought he had killed her drunk father by pushing him of the stairs but the most meaningful experience for him was: finding the love of his life, Nita, who was actually a prostitute. All these experiences throughout his life helped him...
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