Sluice Gate Lifting Mechanism Design Specification

Topics: Gear, Manual transmission, Transmission Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: September 14, 2011
Design specification for lifting mechanism of a sluice gate:

A lifting mechanism is to be designed to operate a sluice gate which is a used for the flow control of a undershot type windmill The mass of the gate is of 1000kg mass and width 4.2 m
The travel distance of the gate is 1.6 m in a 2 m depth of water column. The lifting mechanism is to drive a straight spur with a pitch circle diameter of 150mm which Mesh with a straight spur rack rigidly attached to the sluice gate

The source of power for the lifting mechanism will be an electric motor primarily and a manually powered backup mechanism in case of power failure.

The lifting mechanism for manual operation of the sluice gate will include An hand crank operated spur gearbox with a gear ratio as needed to open and close the sluice gate smoothly with ease by a person of average physical ability within the age range of 18 to 65.

The output shaft from the gear box is to drive the straight spur gear with a pitch circle diameter of 150mm which meshes with a straight spur rack attached to the sluice gate

The operating time for the sluice gate from full close to full open position shouldn't be more than two minutes.

All components to be enclosed in a cast iron weather proof housing and coasted with a corrosion resistant coating. A hand wheel with needed ratio for manual operation of the sluice gate and anti friction bearings to properly support both opening and closing thrusts.
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