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Skills and
This document is the property of The Mentors Network – TMN ( (SLS)

Skills and Learning Statement
The Business and Financial Performance of Atlas Honda Limited Pakistan (AHL) For the Financial Years 2011-2009

Prepared By: xxx
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Skills and
This document is the property of The Mentors Network – TMN ( (SLS)

Learning through presentation and meetings with the project mentor Meeting is "an act or process of coming together as an assembly for a common purpose"[17].
Jean Roberts[18] outlined following requirements for a successful meeting: 

Agenda must be known and agreed.
Information must be available and gathered in time.
Decisions should be noted and expressed correctly.
Maintenance of quality.

For compliance with these points, I used an audit methodology which I usually carry out at client; I took their print so that before and after the meeting I could see whether I have satisfied them. This sheet is attached in appendix[Appendix10]. Ms.X (ACCA) is my project mentor and I selected her owing to her dedicated teaching style. Our three meetings took place at School of Professional and Career Education (SPACE).

First Meeting:
Before the first meeting, I had read B.Sc. info pack [1], had discussions with those who had already attempted the thesis and extracted some queries for my mentor. I selected seven topics and after a detailed discussion with my mentor on the queries I had and the topic selection, topic eight was chosen because of its significance in my future as I am developing a career in business and finance.

Five companies were short-listed and having discussed each in detail, ATLH was selected as being a listed company, a lot of information on it is available. Ms.X guided me about the best sources of information, their limitations and importance of referencing under Harvard referencing system. Grasping the latter was initially confusing but after a detailed guidance I finally got the hang of it.

Finally, she concluded the meeting by setting the agenda for the next meeting which involved detailed guidance related to the analysis.

Second Meeting:
Before the second meeting, I had emailed the work done so far to Ms.X, so she could review it and give feedback in the meeting.
I carried my laptop with me to make notes of her guidance and recorded the meeting so as to not miss out on any prime points. Guidance provided was regarding: 3

Carrying financial analysis and important ratios including the limitations and graphs usage. Having used excel extensively in my job as well, it didn’t take me long to grasp how the appendices should be made.

Importance of business analysis and models along with their implications.

Skills and
This document is the property of The Mentors Network – TMN ( (SLS) - Cross-sectional and cash-flow analysis.
- Ethical matters and behavior that should be maintained.
After an intense discussion and feedback on previous work, we set the agenda for next meeting, which was presentation and review of the project.

Third Meeting:
After completion of entire project, final meeting was held before which I emailed her the presentation to be presented in the meeting.
Ms.X carried out a final review of the RAP and gave suggestions for improvement before its final submission. The presentation session was intriguingly also attended by 25-30 fellow students.
Having delivered presentations before in...
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