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I have been a student at Kap Yan Director’s College for 6 years. I experienced and learned a lot in my colorful secondary school life. This year, my senior high school life is going to be ended. I find that I become a more mature and caring person. Among the electives, I am interested in History. History is everything that has ever happened. When I study closely enough, it is easy to find that almost any situation whatever personal or national aspect, has sort of precedent since history always repeat itself. I never feel bored. The more I know, the better I judge between the right and wrong. It also raises my political consciousness as the political situation is always similar to the history. Now, the students in Chinese University are preparing a student’s strike as alike as May Fourth Movement. But, will the result also be similar? The answer is still unknown. The only thing I hope is Hong Kong can still be peaceful as before. So, it is useful for me to comprehend the political situation now. Last year, I was a school newspaper editor. During the preparation, we needed to set up the topics. Each member had different ideas. It is impossible to discuss without argument. I learnt to respect and listen to other opinions. I develop the patience. We divided the work by specialization. After we accomplished the task, I realized the importance of working as a team. Cooperation leads to succeed. People cannot achieve without partners; only cooperation can go faster. We built up the friendship and support each other during the preparation of the public exam. In the previous year, I joined a volunteer service. I helped in a society which provides services to the children with special learning needs. I work as an class assistant in the baby courses. I helped the teachers to take care the children. I get on well with them. Although some of them were very naughty and even suffer from the hyperactivity disorder, I learnt to make no exception between them and others...
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