Slips, Trips, Falls

Topics: Snow / Pages: 2 (366 words) / Published: Apr 14th, 2014
Slips, Trips and Falls

On a day-to-day basis I see all sorts of slips, trips and falls. It being winter at the moment makes the chances of human error increase drastically. The snow, ice and sleet make for a slippery surface that seems to get the best of people during the cold winter period in New England. Of the three, Ice is defiantly the most prone for causing trips, slips and falls and that is because the moment you step or drive over ice, all traction you had before is lost. Black ice, ice that is almost invisible to human eye is a major cause of incidents and accidents that happen to people in winter conditions. A way these problems can be addresses is to be more attentive to what problems they can cause and then figure out a solution. For example, a way to get rid of ice is to pour and spread salt on the icy surface to melt away the unwanted ice. For snow and sleet all we have to do is plow the roads properly and shovel the pathways effectively. This means that although is snow on the ground, walking and driving surfaces should be smooth and flat for efficient driving or walking. An example of a time where I slipped and had an incident was last winter in my car. I came in to my driveway to fast for the amount of snow that was on the ground and couldn’t come to a stop when I hit the brakes. I bumped right into the garage and messed up my front bumper along with the middle of the garage. I was fine physically, but emotionally I was devastated. The sad part is that this incident could have been prevented by just applying some salt to my driveway for better traction or me being more careful behind the wheel. Overall, it is important to be aware and fix these issues to create a better and or safer environment for living. After all I was lucky with what happened to me. Unfortunately in some cases, people don’t get as lucky as I was and end up seriously hurt or even face death.

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