Slipper Business Plan

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The final document produced will be a business plan for that will serve as a road map for the maturity of the organization. It should include a written description and corresponding financial data. The goals of the business plan is:

o To assist in identifying long-term funding needs and opportunities for three business lines (The Crescent City Farmers Market, Marketshare & Programmatic/Research Arm). o To assist in the development of a sustainable mix of long-term projects. o To assist in developing and implementing current innovative ideas into actual business practices, products and/or services. o To assist in growing their earned income streams. o To identify the strengths and weaknesses of and its competitors, and to provide a strategy to further growth. o To develop guidelines for the operation of

The Business Plan Should Include:

COVER: The final business plan should be typed and bound for presentation and delivered in both printed and electronic formats, (1) printed copy and (1) electronic copy. The name, address, and phone number of should be on the cover. The printed version should also show the date of issue of the plan and type "Copy Number_____" in order to control copies of the document.

TABLE OF CONTENTS: One page showing the topics and page references.

STATEMENT OF FUNDING PROCEEDS: A brief review of the funds required to operate the appropriate projects followed by a detailed listing of each anticipated expenditure.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Summarize key facts and figures
DESCRIBE the purpose of this plan
Summarize financial projections (Yearly Gross Profits, Net Profits, Break-Even, Return On Investment and Cash Flow) Indicate major financial milestones (Note when cash flow turns positive, when break even achieved, etc.).

Describe the status of describe concerns about expanding CCFM, Marketshare, capitalizing on research and Innovation tools. o Give a brief history of the business
o Describe current product(s)/service(s).
o State mission statement
o List principals (Board of Directors, key management
o List legal structure (501c3) tax exempt not for profit corporation. Include copies of supporting documents(s) in the appendix. o Describe current grant work

o Describe the geographical area that we serve
o Describe current customers (CCFM: shoppers, vendors, community); (Programmatic/Research Arm: grant makers, policy makers, community members, other customers); (Marketshare: market organizations, policy makers, consultants, other customers) o Describe how many potential new customers are in the service area for each product category, make sure the source of estimates are documented o Describe what percent of the market muo has now; in the future? how quickly will muo reach that percentage? Document the sources of all estimates. o Describe the target customer (age, sex, occupation, lifestyle, income, geography, reading and viewing habits likes, dislikes, etc.). o Identify competitors, their strengths and weaknesses

o Identify competitive or substitute products/services.
o Evaluate business/industry trends (Are revenues growing, stable, or in decline?) Include copies of supporting documents in the appendix.

o What makes muo’s product/service unique?
o What features or services will you offer that will justify your price compared to competitors prices? o How will muo attract and keep its segment of this market? Explain all that apply.
customer quality
product quality
persuasion—personal selling
satisfaction guarantee/product warranty
accept credit cards, ebt & token...
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