Slice of Life

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Executive Summary
Product and Services

Slice of Life catering business is about delivering prepared sweets and pastries prepared by our professional chef and serving them to people available at different events.

We are specialized in serving small events such as Birthdays, graduation parties, receptions, openings, conferences and meetings.

During Christmas, Easter and other feasts, we will offer special packages of bagel pressed dates, colored eggs, chocolates and alcoholic drinks.

We are going to conduct our business in a house that we own which is located in Palestine Street, Bethlehem. The house has two offices, one big kitchen and a small warehouse for the inventory.

Market Analysis

According to the market research that we have conducted, we can conclude that there will be a demand on our service by companies, organizations and families.

The service industry in Palestine represents 79%. Entering such an industry is not difficult since there are only few standards and regulations. We look forward to grow and expand in the future by covering more areas, offering more kinds of food and serving big events.

We expect our profit margins to increase gradually after working in a very professional way on our promotional strategy to attract customers.

Our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are well defined. They will help us to overcome the obstacles we face and reduce the weaknesses we have. In addition to that, we should benefit from each opportunity we find and enhance our strengths.

We have segmented our market into three groups based on Age & gender, Income and Lifestyle. Our target market consists of all individuals from different ages and different gender, moderate and high income people, along with those who prefer luxury and showing off. In addition , companies and organizations are a major part of our target market.We do not have any direct competitors recently, but we have to take into consideration that we have strong indirect competitors such as Handal , Kara’a, and Akkawi. However, our competitive advantages which will distinguish us from our indirect competitors are the quality of our service and food prepared, decoration, selection, punctuality in delivering and prices.

Marketing Plan

Our pricing strategy was established to show how we determined our prices. We will price our service based on the cost of goods sold, the utilization costs and the wages. Concerning the sweets, pastries and appetizers , their prices would be the same as our indirect competitors’ prices , since we deal with the same suppliers.

A catering service’s position in the market is considered a necessity and a luxury at the same time. There are the people who do not have the time to prepare the food needed for an event, and there are the people who want to use this service only for luxury and for the reason of not doing anything.

Our promotional strategy is going to be a strong one since we are offering a new service which means that we should create awareness in our target market’s minds of our service. We will do so by using several media channels which are: Radio, Brochures, Posters, Web ads. The sticker of our service logo on our van and the t-shirts are considered promotional tools as well. Our promotional campaign will run for two to three months so that we can have enough time to attract customers. However, the campaign’s effects that we can measure through the increase in number of orders which leads to an increase in return, will not appear directly , it will take some time.

The driver we will hire is the one responsible for delivering the orders along with the waiters. The waiters will be available in the place of the event serving the prepared food to people. By being polite and nice , they will represent our service in a very good way and they will leave a good impression in the people’s mind.

Our sales goals and...
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