Slibbing Differential Treatment

Topics: Sibling, Birth order, Family Pages: 3 (1151 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Darcie Donah
April 9, 2013

Parental Differential Treatment

My parents tried to treat my sister and me equally. Mostly they did. I was the oldest and they had higher expectations for me, gave me more rules, and more responsibility. My family consists of me, the eldest girl, and my sister who is 17 months younger, my step-mom, who didn’t join the family until we were 10 and my father. We are both girls and were very close growing up. My father made it his job to try to treat us equally and fairly but PDT cannot always be avoided. Parental differential treatment (PDT) is the ways in which parents differentiate among their children behaviorally, such as displays of affection, discipline, and the distribution of other interpersonal and instrumental recourses. Due to the fact that I was older and a girl I took on a maternal role with my sister and had more restrictions from my parents.

My parents had higher expectations for me then for my sister. I was always the one who they put in charge when they left for an extended amount of time. It was because I was the oldest, though not by much and it was expected that I was more mature and that I knew right and wrong better then my little sister. It was never an issue until we got older. I was the oldest in charge and she was the youngest and had to listen to me. I remember a time when my parents were running down to the grocery store and they were only going to be gone for a short while, they said I was in charge and my sister got so upset. We were a little older at this point, I was 12 and she was 11. She was frustrated and thought she was old enough and mature enough to fend for herself without her big sister in charge of her. It was not shortly after that, that my parents decided we would both be in charge of ourselves.

Being the oldest and having higher expectations put on me, my parents gave me more rules and more punishments then my sister. Most of the rules that we had were the same when we were little...
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