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Company Profile
Electronic Muscle stimulation( EMS) was developed for medical use. A common application of EMS is the rehabilitation of muscle after accident or stroke. The effect of EMS is similar to regular exercise of muscles. Slendertone was developed to enable healthy users to “exercise” muscles without having to do any exercise. By remaining seated, lying down or even minor cores, users could get a benefit of a rigorous workout.

Brief history:
Slendertone originally was developed by a company called BMR in 1968. The company moved from England to the tax-free zone in Shannon in that year. Kevin McDonnell who supplied the BMR with printed circuit boards for four years was a creditor of BMR, and he wanted to buy the remaining assets of the company that went into liquidation. The deal included the ownership of company’s brand names, Neuro Tech and Slendertone. Then he reestablished the business in an old factory in the industrial estate outside Bunbeg .He was very determined to attain one of his greatest goals: “to develop Slendertone into a world-class brand”. Within a few weeks McDonnell and five employees had begun production. Recently company adapted new marketing strategy devised by Brian O’ Donohoe, the Managing director of Slendertone.

Company structure:
Slendertone is a world leader in providing products that improve muscle tone and body shape. The company produced the first toning belt to be cleared for market by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), all products are classified under the European Medical Device Directive and won the Irish Consumer Goods Export Award in 2005. Slendertone has sold over 2.5 million toning belts worldwide. Slendertone products are designed, manufactured and marketed by BMR (Bio-Medical Research) Ltd an international company headquartered in Galway, Ireland. BMR has two divisions – Slendertone and Neurotech. BMR NeuroTech and products are for the treatment of muscle disorders and are focused on medical needs, while Slendertone is for satisfying cosmetic needs. Infrastructure and resources:

BMR has been manufacturing electrical muscle stimulation equipment for more than 40 years and is constantly evaluating and expanding its product range. McDonnell reinvested all his earning in the business. Research into biomedical technology with a view to developing new product, consumed much of his limited investment resources. The production facilities were also being upgraded: The company acquired a new and much larger factory in the Bunbeg industrial estate. McDonnell always believed that new product development was the key to future growth. By using distributors to develop export markets he focused his limited resources developing better products. Legend has it that Kevin McDonnell puts everything the company had on the back of a lorry and moved it all from its then Shannon base to Donegal where the Slendertone range is manufactured today.


Slendertone Company made six types of products dividing the products into two gender related terms Male and Female. The product list is given below.


System Abs Male €169.99 Results in 4 weeks

Flex Max Male €149.99 Results in 6 weeks

Flex Male €79.99 Results in 8 weeks


System Abs Female €169.99 Results in 4 weeks

Flex Max Female €149.99 Results in 6 weeks

Flex Female €79.99 Results in 8 weeks

Professional experience:
Slendertone is a subsidiary company of Bio-Medical Research Ltd (BMR) backed by over 40 years of experience. BMR manufactures electrical stimulation products of medical device quality, supported by strong, clinical evidence and subjected to controlled product trials....
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