Sleepy Hollow

Topics: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane, Headless Horseman Pages: 4 (1526 words) Published: October 2, 2010
The story takes place around the time of the American Revolution near Tarrytown, New York. Irving describes the town as trouble free and a place you would get away for a retreat. Many of the people that lived there accepted the idea that the town was bewitched and believed in the stories about all different kinds of supernatural things that happens in the town. Needless to say the town was superstitious. The town seemed to be relaxed, which made them feel comfortable with telling stories about terrifying things going on in their town.

The story is about Ichabod Crane who is a poor school teacher and only works for a few dollars a day. Ichabod takes turns sleeping in his student's house spending a week at a time with each family. Ichabod Crane was well liked by everyone, especially, the farmers because he helped them and the women liked him because he helped out with the children. Ichabod Crane had a voracious appetite and this is one of the reasons he falls in love with Katrina. Her father is a very wealthy farmer. If he married her he could have all the food her desired. Ichabod Crane wasn’t handsome at all. He was awkwardly thin and his nose is like that of a bird’s beak. Brom Bones was terribly handsome and he was a hero to all the town people. Both Ichabod Crane and Brom Bones were in love with Katrina.

Both IcAt the dinner party everyone is talking about a headless horseman who stalks the countryside at night. One man, Brom Bones, a rival of Ichabod, tells how he and the horseman were in a race. Brom was winning but the horseman flew off in a burst of fire. On his way home from the party Ichabod encounters the headless horseman. He rides off in a hurry but feels something hit his head. The next day Ichabod's horse returns but their was no sign of Ichabod except his hat and a smashed pumpkin.

I think I would find it very difficult to live during the time of the American Revolution. The narrator of this tale, Diedrich Knickerbocker, uses sarcasm...
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