Sleeping During a Class

Topics: Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Sleep, Class I railroad, The Mistake, Sleep deprivation / Pages: 5 (1005 words) / Published: Sep 10th, 2013
The Importance of Staying Awake

Sleeping during LTC Kan’s class, the mistake I made. Not only was I told by Mr. Macaulay, Staff Sergeant Avalos, Master Sergeant and SSG Campbell to wake up and take pictures but I failed to help Koo & Park stay awake. It is important to stay awake for many reasons. One being the fact that the person giving the class deserves your undivided attention. Despite the fact that it was LTC; regardless of rank they should be given the proper respect and courtesies as an instructor that’s giving a class. That is trying to help me professionally to do my job as a paralegal for an attorney in the future. It boils down to doing the right thing and treat others how you would like to be treated. If I was to be giving a class I wouldn’t feel too good about people nodding off in the middle of my lecture. I should know better since in Basic Training at Ft. Jackson it was strongly enforced to stay awake during briefs, classes, whatever the case may be. We were taught to stand up and go to the back if that was the only means of us staying awake. If not, it resulted in long smoking sessions for the whole group even if it was one person. They made it our job to be responsible for our battle buddies and ensure that we worked as a team to stay awake it was either that or suffer the consequences. I think it was more than fair for SSG Avalos to counsel us together and give us this assignment. So I’ve come up with other methods to stay awake besides standing up. Drinking lots of water, poking myself with a pen, getting a good night sleep the night before. Good nutrition throughout the day, so that my body does not crash. Keeping a 5 hour energy or some type of caffeine nearby to sip on to give me a boost, monster, coffee etc. etc. I think of many other instances were falling asleep is just not an option and you have to fight through it. CQ, guard shifts, being down range and having to go out on constant exhausting missions. Having the will power to

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