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Sleeping Beauty
The fairytale “Sleeping Beauty” is one of many popular fairy tales that have been altered for centuries. Generally, fairy tales are written for children although they will never understand the messages, morals and stereotypes within. The three most popular versions of “Sleeping Beauty,” are The Grimm Brothers, Charles Perrault and Walt Disney. Each tale takes you on an enchanting journey of a young princess. The morals in this fairy tale are very important and are common in most fairy tales. Surprisingly, “Sleeping Beauty” is also a good example of bad parenting. Morally it is wrong to shelter a child because it only results in a curious and rebellious adolescent. One can not entirely avoid a bad future for their child. For most fairy tales and of course “Sleeping​

” outer beauty is significantly more valuable than inner
beauty. These three versions are all very similar in the fact that a princess is cursed and awaits her prince but each journey is slightly different.
“La Belle Au Bois Dormant,” by Charles Perrault is a french version Sleeping Beauty. The fairy tale begins with a desperate King and Queen wanting a child. ​ They eventually have a
beautiful daughter. Seven fairies found in the realm were invited to be the child’s Godmothers. Each fairy gives the princess a gift; beauty, angelic, temperament, grace, dancing and singing, sadly the seventh fairy was interrupted. At the christening, a old fairy, who was not invited, arrived at the feast and felt insulted. She placed a curse on the princess. The evil fairly declared, “the princess should prick her hand with a spindle, and die of it,” (Perrault). The seventh fairy

could not reverse the spell because she did not have a sufficient amount of power, although she altered the curse by casting a spell, “Your daughter shall not die. My power, it is true, is not enough to undo all that my aged kinswoman has decreed. The princess will indeed prick her hand with a spindle. But instead of dying she shall merely fall into a profound slumber that will last a hundred years. At the end of that time a king's son shall come to awaken her,” (Perrault). To protect their daughter, the King and Queen banned all spindles. Interestingly the King and Queen went away and so the princess was exploring the castle, she coincidentally finds a tower with a spindle.She wanted try but she pricked her hand and fainted. Apart from the King and Queen, a fairy put all the other people and animals in the castle in a deep sleep. They kissed their daughter goodbye and exited the castle before a thick wood of brambles and thorns bounded the castles. Finally the one hundred years had passed. Out in the forest a prince was hunting and heard about the sleeping princess. He wandered to the tangled thorns and brambles and fortunately it opened up for him. The prince found the princess and knelt beside her and she instantly was awaken. Eventually the Prince goes back to his family and informs them he was lost, although his mother,an ogress, became wary. After two years passed, the original king had died and the prince took throne. They made their marriage public and he brought his family to the castle. They had two children, a daughter Aurora and a son, Day. The King was called into war and left his family and kingdom in the care of his mother. One day, the ogress ordered a steward to cook Aurora for dinner but instead the steward killed a lamb and kept Aurora in the care of his wife. His mother was going to eat Aurora. Soon after the Ogress wanted the Steward to cook Day for dinner and although the Steward killed a goat instead. One day the Ogress heard the children’s voices. She ordered that they be thrown into a vat filled

with snakes, vipers and serpents. Before any harm was brought to the children and Queen, the King arrived home unexpectedly so the ogress threw herself into the vat. “Little Briar Rose,” by The Grimm...

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