Sleeping and Dreaming and Theories of Sleep

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Sleeping and Dreaming and Theories of Sleep

There are four different stages of sleep and they are number from one to four. Stage one EEG is the only stage that has a different reaction when we are first falling asleep and then when we return to this stage after falling asleep. When falling asleep stage one is called initial stage one EEG when we return to this stage throughout the night after falling asleep it is then called emergent stage one EEG. When we fall asleep we start at stage one then through all the stages to stage four than back down to stage one (emergent stage one) and we go through this cycle all night. Stage one is also when we experience REM, which is named so because of the rapid eye movement that only occurs during this stage of sleep. We also dream during REM sleep. When we are in “deep sleep” we are in stage four EEG sleep. Most people spend most of their sleep in REM.

Two common theories about dreams are that external stimuli can become incorporated into dreams, and that penile erections are commonly assumed to be indicative of dreams with sexual content, when in fact they are not. I agree with the fact that external stimuli can become incorporated into dreams because I have had this happen to me. I have been sleeping and started dreaming of an alarm clock that will not stop going and then woke up to having my alarm clock going off. I have also had a dream that I was at my father’s funeral and when I woke up the song my dad wants played at his funeral was playing on my stereo. I do not agree with people that think penile erections are due to sexual dreams. I have asked my husband a few times about this and he says that he gets them even when he doesn’t have these dreams, also if this were the case why would little babies have the same issue?
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