Sleep Well Motel

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The Sleep Well Motel

Executive Summary

The Sleep Well Motel is an 80 room motel located at Fort Morgan Colorado. It is situated at US Highway 76 which carried traffic between Denver and Nebraska. The motel is operating for eighteen years and describe as clean and comfortable but in need of cosmetics and new carpeting. Sleep Well Motel was once affiliated with motel chain several years ago but was no longer associated with them.

Sleep Well Motel operates with a one night clerk, maid service and the owner act as manager/front desk clerk during the day. The motel caters to different commercial travellers such as repair crews, independent sales reps, middle aged retired couples, and young budget minded travelers.

Sleep Well Motel is owned by Mr. Bennington. He considers selling the Sleep Well Motel property since he recently lost his wife in a tragic car accident. Since that time he had been unable to concentrate, failed to keep as close watch on the business and now wanted to return home state of Illinois to be near his son’s family.

In April of 1980, Mr. Will Shelton received information from the owner of a motel that was for sale. After skimming the materials, he become increasingly enthused about the possibility of owing and managing a motel, possibility of living in Colorado and being his own boss.

Mr. Will Shelton is a trained engineer, he discovers that engineering wasn’t his primary interest and began move into marketing. At forty years of age, Mr. Shelton is the director of marketing research for a large electronic corporation located in Houston, Texas. He recently completed an MBA to obtain the position. Despite the title, Mr. Shelton felt his position was not satisfying. He doubts about remaining in a large corporation the rest of his working life.

Mr. Shelton recently gone through a divorce and his former wife had been awarded custody of the two boys. He suffers a financial setback but was able to face the large ongoing payments to his former wife other that for child support. Despite his recent financial problems, Mr. Shelton felt he could raise sufficient money to purchase the motel with a bank mortgage.

In his earlier year, Mr. Shelton studied and worked in New Mexico. He felt the people in that part of United States were somehow more genuine and that life was better in many ways that his present life in Houston.. As a result, when he read about a motel for sale in Colorado, He had an automatic interest.

Time Context
April of 1980

View Point
Mr. Will Shelton the interested buyer of Sleep Well Motel property.

Statement of the Problem
What marketing strategy suited for the Sleep Well Motel?

1. To identify the advantage and disadvantage of Mr. Will Shelton owing a Motel 2. To identify what best marketing strategy suited for the motel.

Area of Consideration
In identifying the area of consideration of this case study, a SWOT Analysis is considered. The SWOT analysis reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the management as well as its key opportunities and threats.

|A. Internal Forces |Strength |Weakness | | | | | |Operation Management | | | |Use to b e affiliated with chain of motel |X | | |The Motel operated for eighteen years |X | | | | | | |Human Resource Management | |...
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