Sleep: How Important Is It?

Topics: Sleep, Sleep deprivation, Rapid eye movement sleep Pages: 4 (1642 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Sleep: How important is it?

There are many topics that are related to health and wellness making it hard to complete an observation on a single one. After much thought, the topic that interested me most was sleep. As humans, sleep is essential to our well-being. It is required in order for us to function. A human will die after 11 days of no sleep. The importance of sleep can never be stressed enough. With our hectic life styles, one does not really pay attention to how much sleep they get. Most people are running on less than 7 hours of sleep every day. This is unhealthy and affects our health and wellness. However, people do not think of it in this aspect because they function just fine every day; all they need is some coffee or energy drink. What they do not realize is that the coffee and energy drinks are what are keeping their body function because of the sugar and caffeine entering the blood stream. Without these added substances, the body would crash much earlier in the day. As young adults, our body is able to withstand much of the damage we do to it because it is able to renew its cells much faster than those of older people. The majority of young adults tend to “catch up” on their sleep over the weekend. Little do they know that this does not help the body as much as maintaining a regular sleeping schedule does. As we get older, our body requires more rest and relaxation in order for us to maintain a healthy body. Seeing that I could not really observe a program associated with sleep, the decision was made to watch an online health video called “Sleeping well as we age” by Rachel Manber, a PhD professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford Medical School.

The video starts out with an explanation of sleep. There are two types of sleep: REM and NonREM. REM sleep is the time when dreams occur. NonREM sleep has three stages. In each stage, the depth of sleep differs. The depth is tested by how much noise is required to wake a person up...

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