Sleep Deprivation

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I. Introduction
Almost all students aim to have a good performance and high grades in school. They do everything for them to meet their aspiration. Some students are buying expensive books, some are hiring tutorials, and the others are burning their midnight candles and having sleepless nights in studying. According to National Sleep Foundation cited by Amanda Grove, it is recommended to sleep 7 to 9 hours per night for adults, and 8 to 9 hours range with young adults such as college students. Very few college students get enough sleep today. This is due to many demands on their time such as classes, homework, jobs, etc. and also the social environment that encourages staying up late. Those students who are sleep deprived are possibly affecting their academic performance. According to the study conducted by James F. Pagel, MD, of the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine, it was found that insufficient sleep can have an adverse effect the next day not only on an adult's work performance but also on how well students perform at school. He stated that Adolescents who experience sleep disturbances are more likely to receive bad grades ( sleep/adolescent-sleep.htm, 2010). Whereas in other study, they found out that there is no significant relationship between any aspect of sleep and academic performance (Gomes, Ana Allen; Tavares, José; Azevedo, cited from Shapiro et al. 1980). With regard to this uncertainty, a study conducted to find out whether sleep deprivation really affects the academic performance of the students or not. This study will provide information about the present condition of Visayas State University-Alangalang Campus students with regard to sleep deprivation. Accordingly, it will be valuable for the awareness of VSU-AC Students.

II. Objectives:
1. To determine the relationship between lack of sleep and academic performance of college students 2. To determine the effect of lack of sleep on academic performance of the college students
III. Definition of terms:

Lack of sleep -refers to the time of not completing the enough number of hours of sleeping.

Academic performance - how well a student is accomplishing his or her tasks and studies.

IV. Conceptual Framework

Independent Variable Dependent Variable

V. Review of Literature

The Link between Sleep Quantity and Academic Performance for the College Student
The results of their study support their hypothesis. Quality of sleep, as assessed by the Groninger Sleep Quality Questionnaire, did not show a significant relationship with academic performance. However, quantity of sleep was significantly related. The average amount of sleep a student receives per night does seem to be tied to the students’ GPA. Also, an increased number of nights in an average week that the student obtains less than five hours of sleep (our measure of sleep deprivation) seem to be negatively related to GPA. These results pertaining to sleep deprivation are in agreement with past research. Our data support Pilcher and Huffcutt's (1996) statement that sleep deprivation affects cognitive processes. As noted earlier, sleep deprivation was defined by Pilcher and Huffcutt (1996) to be functioning with less than five hours of sleep from the previous night.

However, sleep quality was not correlated with GPA, contrary to past research. For example, Singleton and Wolfson (2009) concluded that alcohol use compromises college students' GPAs due to the effect of alcohol on sleep quality. Future studies on this topic may be able to attain more reliable information if they administer the sleep quality index to the same students repeatedly. This may offer a more realistic measure of the student's quality of sleep as a whole rather than a measure of only one night's sleep which may...

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