Sleep and Insomnia

Topics: Sleep, Sleep disorder, Sleep deprivation Pages: 4 (1191 words) Published: May 5, 2013
In 1969, a man suffered from a torture that was used for centuries. For six days and five nights, he was forced to stand on a brick without the permission to sleep. His brain was constantly attacked by the desire to sleep. On the sixth day, the man was finally allowed to sleep. He slept for 25 hours straight. Sleep deprivation remains one of the most severe form of mental torture ("Shattered! - The Need to Sleep Part 1", 2012). Nowadays, insomnia is the most common sleep disorder. More than 30% of the population is affected by this problem without even knowing it (“Can't Sleep”, 2011). This problem is characterized by certain causes and consequences but can sometimes be cured with specific remedies.

First of all, sleep is unavoidable. From giant mammals to small insects, everyone has to sleep for a certain period of time. It is proved that sleep architecture is different for each individual. For instance, dolphins need to get air every five minutes or so. In order to not drown, one third of the brain falls asleep while the other part remains active. It allows the animal to reach the surface at any time ("Shattered! - The Need to Sleep Part 1", 2012). Our world is based on the productivity and the efficiency of people. This kind of lifestyle has an enormous impact on the

Everything About Insomnia 2

duration and quality of sleep (Cartwright, 2010, p. 35). When missing several hours of sleep every night, it can be described as a specific sleep disorder: insomnia.
In addition, insomnia can be caused by many things. Generally, women are more at risk with the menstrual cycles and the pregnancy accompanied later by the menopause. During pregnancy, the increasing size of the fetus makes the task difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Also, women tend to have their sleep interrupted with their role of child guard (Cartwright, 2010, p. 43). Another problem that causes insomnia is the room temperature. A room that is too cold or too hot...

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