Sleep and Dream

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asleep an dreams: concious while asleep
I. introduction- sleep is not a single state; instead, its a complex combinatination of states, some involving conscious awareness. II. stages of sleep- several states of conscious awareness are part of the sleep process.

A. walking conscious to semi-wakeful state
B.four stages of deeper sleep.
C.Dream Sleep

III. Hypnagogic state- we do not always go directly from wakefulness to sleep.
A. we day dream.
B.pass to hypnagogic state.
1. lose voluntary control over your body movement
2. sensitivity tooutward stimuli diminishes
3. thoughts become more fanciful; related.
4. myoclonia( sudden jerks) can occur.
IV. stages of light and deep sleep
A. electroencephalogram measure of electical brain activity
B. four levels of sleep defined in the basis of EEG
1.REM sleep and dreams
a.because if the characteristic eye movements, this place is referred as to as rapid eye movement sleep
b.researches discovered that dreams ar common during a period of sleep marked by rapid eye movements.
2. autonomic storms
a. the autonomic nervous system and other parts of the peripheral nervous system are very active during dreams: blood flows to the brain increases, the hearbeat becomes irregular, the muscles of the face and fingers twitch; and breathing becomes irregular.

3. time spent dreaming
a. the length of our REM dreams vary, but the longest REM dream, generally about an hour in duration usually occurs during the last part of sleep cycle.
4. non REM sleep dreaming
a. in addition to the 2 hours of REM dreaming per night, non REM dream activity is occuring during half of the other 4 to 6 that we sleep each night. V. circadian rhythms- internally generated cycles lasting about 24 hours a day that regulate sleepiness and wakefulness, body temperature and the secrtion of some hormones.

A. the body has circadian rhythms, most of which follow the pattern of the sleep-wake...
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