Topics: Sleep deprivation, Sleep, Sleep disorder Pages: 2 (259 words) Published: June 23, 2014
Effect of Sleep Deprivation in College Students

Homework, paper due and jobs are reasons that college students do not have the amount of sleep they need to every night. Many students have a big responsibilities that they are forced to stay up late at night to get their assignments done (V). In college student population, sleep deprivation is a common problem. Sleep deprivation is linked to decreased physical health, mental health, and academic performance (Austin B). The symptom of fatigue is tiredness, weariness, or lack of energy. In Bess Austin’s individuals experiment who sleep six hours or fewer in twenty-four hours (short sleepers) as compared with those who sleep nine hours in twenty-four hours (long sleepers) have more neurosis, less creativity, report more hallucinations, more eating disorders, and exhibit lower academic performance. Buboltz find the non-pharmacological treatments for sleep deprivation are successful in 60 to 80 percent of patients. The treatments include sleep hygiene, relaxation therapy, stimulus control therapy, sleep restriction therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. The sleep-wake cycle, or circadian rhythm, is normally guided by the daily dark-light cycle in twenty-four hours. This biological clock determines rhythmic changes in behavior and/or physiology. The whole day, the body makes internal adaptations to meet the requirements of the time of day. For example, the body slows down and prepares for rest, at night. The circadian rhythm associated with health problems, psychiatric disorders and fatigue. In this experiment will be show that the students lack sleep at night increase fatigue in next day and it will disturb the circadian rhythm.
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