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Name ____Lauren Dusseau______________________________Date: ____July________________ Student Learning Center (SLC) – Worksheet
Directions: Using the information from the SLC presentation and the SLC website,, complete the following questions to develop your understanding of the SLC services. 1. What is the mission of the SLC?

The mission of the Student Learning Center (SLC) is to empower Franklin students to become independent and lifelong learners through their testing and academic support resources.

2. How can you access the SLC services?
Online and face-to-face is available.
also service is available 24/7 via website
Evening and weekend availabilty

3. Where can you find the SLC tutoring schedule on the SLC website? Describe or provide the URL. You can find the SLC tutoring schedule under the tutoring information bar, after clicking on that it will be located on the right hand side of the website and the link is

4. What is the fourth reason you should use the SLC?
The academic support services provided are free!

5. What are three ways you can get writing help through the SLC? 1. writing tutoring appointments and workshops
2. the online writing review service
3. access to grammarly@edu

6. How can the SLC help you graduate faster?
They offer proficiency testing=class credit, which means you can earn credit without attending class, and there are options that include portfolio credit, CLEP, and FUPE exams.

7. The SLC provides professional tutors for a variety of subjects. List three subjects the SLC supports. 1. math
2. accounting
3. finance

8. List three of the workshops that the SLC offers.
1. Calculator workshops
2. library/slc learning and research workshops
3. APA workshops

9. Describe what is meant by this statement: “The most successful students use the SLC.” The statement “The most successful students use the...
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