Slavory in the Chocolate Industry

Topics: Slavery, Human rights, Côte d'Ivoire Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: May 4, 2013
From the perspective of Utilitarianism, child slavery contributes the economics position of thecountry. As I know, the economic situation of the country is bad, they are one of the thirdworld countries. What is more, cocoa beans prices decreased in the year 1996 - 2000. So,farmers want to reduce the cost of production with cutting the wages and using slavery.According to Utilitarianism, the “right” action or policy is the one that will produce thegreatest net benefits or the lowest net costs. From that point, they reduce costs, and maximizetheir net benefits from child slavery. The major difficulty with Utilitarianism is that it isunable to deal with rights and justice. For instance, from the point of social justice, it is clear that child slavery is the result of unequal distribution of burdens. Utilitarianism only looks atthe utility, not the distribution of it among the members of society.The important ignorance on ethics in Utilitarianism, bring the consideration of justice andrights. Justice looks at how the benefits and burdens distributed among the society. On theother hand, rights look at the individual entitlements to freedom of choice and well being.From the rights point of view, there are no clues about the legal rights of the children. I do notthink that government has labor or child labor rights. Also, poor children deprived of themoral rights. They tortured, they are beaten and sometimes they even die or killed on thecocoa farms of the Ivory Coast and Ghana. Regardless of the legal system under which theylive, every human being of every nationality have a right to not tortured, have a right to life.In terms of contractual rights, U.S. Senator Tom Harkin, U.S. Representative Eliot Engel, themembers of the Chocolate Manufacturers Association and the World Cocoa Foundation,together with several human rights groups and the Ivory Coast government signed a“Memorandum of Cooperation” With this cooperation, in a way they work toward ending theuse of...
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