Slavery in the Chocolate Industry

Topics: Cocoa bean, Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Group member: Li Ruixuan, Chen Yi, Ai Huanyu, Jin Peiyao, Wu Jindi. Research method: This case talks about Slavery in the chocolate industry. They treat children as slavery, and force them to do hard work. The reason by various factors, we can discuss form systemic, corporate and individual ethical issues. Such as systemic, economic systems should be taken into consideration. Cocoa bean prices had declined, between 1996 and 2000, the price control by the global market but farmers had no control. Farmers turned to slavery to try to cut labour cost for their survival in this situation by the low prices. Slavery on farms is illegal in the Ivory Coast but the law is rarely enforced. But the government from their country has their own situation, a shortage of enforcement officers, the willingness of local officials etc.    The case information we found it by some website: And we also got some useful information from the book in page 64-67.

Division of labour and schedule including presentation preparation: We followed the question below the case from the book to division of labour. Each question was answered by one or two group member, the number decides by question. Presentation follows the report, which part of report you did, then which part of presentation you do. 

Initial findings: After read the case and discussed, in our view, the situation made by the basic reason of our consumer, like us who buy chocolate from these company. The most of consumers did not know about this situation, they just know something good about chocolate and did not know something bad. Affect global market through our consumer, and made a good plan to solve the situation. Media’s power is great. Some company said if they did not used coco beans from these areas, then it will make these poor areas...

What a systematic, corporate, an individual and ethical issues...
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