Slavery Dbq American Pagent 13th Adition

Topics: Slavery in the United States, American Civil War, Compromise of 1850 Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: March 28, 2006
Before Civil War began, even as the country was being set up with the Articles of Confederation, slavery was an issue that had to be dealt with. When the final vote for the ratification of the Constitution some states would not sign on it if slavery were made illegal. They decided to deal with it in twenty years. After the compromise of 1820 they limited slavery to the south, which would split the country into two for the next forty years. The South would feel that slavery was the best thing for the slave for it gave them something productive to do. The North however as a majority felt slavery as a horrible thing by the cruel ways the slave owners would treat and beat their slaves. There were also those who went and helped free and bring slaves up to the North and also into Canada. With these separate opinions creating arguments within the government it is as President Lincoln said, "A house divided cannot hope to stand, but will utterly fall apart."

In the south there were mostly small farms and large plantations. Because the south didn't try to gain factories in its cities it remained to just get by and not truly move forward with the rest of the country. Even though the south was pro-slavery only about ten percent owned slaves and even less had huge plantations with multiple slaves. Document C shows that the southerners that did own slaves had them take care of all aspects of the plantation life, including the young white babies. But from the north they received protests on whether slavery was right and should be allowed. They argued that the slaves were better off than the factory workers in the north. Document A has a governor showing this point to the state legislature. But even with all of the arguing the north still fought to end slavery, some even helped slaves escape. Document B has one man talking of how if the abolitionists succeed then the south will fall. It wasn't just that they also felt the north was taking away there liberties, they saw the...
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