Slavery and White Slave Master
Topics: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, Black people, African American, Racism, Atlantic slave trade / Pages: 5 (1170 words) / Published: Apr 3rd, 2006

Sankofa, according to Africa folklore was the protector of the African American people. He used his drums to combat the evil spirits present among the world. The movie Sankofa portrays slavery in Lafayette with some of the most gruesome and shocking moments I have ever laid eyes on. During this movie there are many other subplots that occur but the ultimate goal for the slaves in Lafayette is a better life. A life not directed by a White Slave-owner. They sought and enacted ways that they could achieve one goal: freedom. Sankofa starts of with Shola, the main character of the movie working under a number of slave-owners. She has a mutual friend by the name of Shongo who is the verbal leader of the slaves but also Shola's foundation of faith. On the plantation, also, is a woman by the name of Nunu who is, emotionally, the leader of the slaves on the plantation and is admired by all in the slave community. She exhibits the gift of gab, able to communicate to groups of hundreds a common message. She was also able to re-affirm the faith in all the slaves by telling them that one day freedom will come about because the almighty power is upon us. Yet, this freedom will not come without sacrifice. Shongo tries to tell his other peers that the only way that freedom will come about is if there is a rebellion of sorts. That the African community must come together as a whole and revolt against the white slave masters. During one of the more gruesome scenes in the movie a group of slaves attempt to escape the plantation on foot but are unsuccessful and are caught by the white slave masters. A pregnant woman, named Kuta, is then whipped to death by the headmen, which was a black man who was like an extension of the white slave master. After Kuta is whipped to death Nunu in an act that appeared infeasible delivered the baby from the womb of a dead mother. Before this beating we are introduced to a man named Joe who is mixed with the Caucasian race. His views vary from those

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