Slaughterhouse Industry

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Industry Study

Project Description

A.Basic Project Information
B.Project Location
C.Project Rationale
E.Description of Project Phases
F.Baseline Environment Condition
G.Impact Assessment and Mitigation
H.Environment Management Plan
I.Proposal for an Environmental Monitoring and Guarantee Fund

Attachment of Annexes

A.Photos or Plates of Proposed Project
B.Impact Areas, Affected and Communities
C.Maps of the following Scale
D.Permit to Operate Certificate
E.E. Result of Physical and Chemical Analysis of Water and Wastewater


Davao City slaughterhouse is located at Ma-a, Davao City. The operations are limited to the night shift. The delivery of animals will start at 1:00 to 4:30 in the afternoon. The whole morning will be utilized for cleaning the area. The 2nd shift will start at 9:00 in the evening up to 5:30 in the morning.

It employs 48 workers of which 25 are regulars and 23 are contractual. This contractual will do the maintenance and the manual slaughtering of animals.

Currently the number of hogs, cattles and other animals slaughtered are as follows

Hogs 200 to 250 heads
Cattle 30 to 40 heads
Chicken none ( chicken slaughterhouse is out of order)
Goat 20 to 25 heads

The number of heads slaughtered everyday does not level of with the number of kilos meat sold in the public market. In short there are hogs and cattle slaughtered privately.

The following are the charges per head for the service rendered:

HogsP91.11 per head
CattleP152 per head
GoatP40.00 per head

There are two stockyards presently existing in the city slaughterhouse. One is for the hogs and the other is for the large cattle. Three operational ponds are present in the slaughterhouse, the aerobic pond, anaerobic pond, and the facultative pond. And sludge drying bed.

As what we have observed there are two ways of acquiring water for use of slaughtering and maintenance of the slaughterhouse. One is the metered water system direct from the meter to the faucet and the use of water reservoir. Two large overhead tanks are place serve as water reservoir use for slaughtering and the metered water system is for office consumption.

A.Basic Project Information

Project Name:Davao City Slaughterhouse

Address: Ma-a Davao City

Contact Person: Ariel Cascabel
Officer in charge

The number of hogs and cattle slaughtered for the year 2004 dropped compared to past years due to the economic crisis.

Ma-a slaughterhouse operation generally involves the following:

i.Final Scrapping
n.To Offal Room
o.Offal Cleaning

Before the animals are slaughtered they are kept in the stockyard for 2 days and are not allowed to eat. However, they are allowed to drink water. Normally, the weight of the hogs brought range from 45 to 75 kilograms. The average weight for cattle is 300 kilograms.

Slaughtering starts with bringing the animals from a narrow path way from the stockyard to the kill floor area. Then proceed to showering/bathing. Afterwards, the animals are stunned, hoist and bleed. Blood pails are provided with control numbers. Blood containment shall depend on the desire of the owners of the animals. The animals are then placed in a scalding vat for 3 minutes. If the animals are oversized, the Dehairing machine shall not be used. A table for manual scrapping is provided. After the scrapping and dehairing process follows the gambrelling process, toe removal, and final scrapping, then the evisceration process. The butcher carefully removes the viscera or entrails while preventing accidental puncture or the intestinal tract. The eviscerated carcass and entrails are cleaned separately to prevent contamination of the...
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