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Slaters Investigation

By amememomo Apr 18, 2013 349 Words
The aim of this investigation is to find out how Slaters react to an increase or decrease of the temperature in its surroundings. Hypothesis
The speed of the Slaters will increase when the temperature of its environment is increased or decreased from its preferred range, so it ensures that they spend less time in unfavorable conditions to avoid desiccation. Method

1. This experiment is done using a water bath to change and control the temperature being trialed. The water bath will have a lid on it in order to keep the light intensity and humidity as constant as possible. 2. Ice and warm water would be used to the temperatures being trialed in this experiment. The temperature range that I am going to be using is 10°C,15°C,20°C,25°C,30°C. The temperature will be controlled between each Slater test by measuring the temperature of the water with a thermometer and adjusting the temperature to ensure that each Slater test is accurate and fair. The light intensity and humidity of the environment would be monitored throughout the experiment. 3. A beaker with a piece of paper stuck to the bottom of it will be placed into the water bath once the water bath have adjusted to the temperature being trialed. In order for the test to be accurate, I would give the beaker and paper 2 minutes to adjust to the temperature that I am trialing before putting the slater in it. 4. Starting with the temperature at 10°C, I would draw a dot at the center of the paper in the beaker as a starting point. Each Slater will have 60 seconds and I will start once the slater have touched the dot on the paper. In order to measure the distance that the Slater have travelled in that 60 seconds, I will mark the position of the Slater every time it turns direction of movement in each test, at the end of each Slater test the markings would then be joined together to show the complete trail of the Slater

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