Skype Goes Mobile

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LP3.2 Assignment: Skype Goes Mobile

How is cultural communication in Luxembourg (where Skype is headquartered) similar to that in other parts of Europe and Asia? How is it different? The way cultural communication is similar in Luxembourg to other parts of Europe is how everyone is speaking. As they will normally, use their first language (i.e. French) to talk to most people. However, in those situations where they are communicating with someone from another country they will use their second language. This is more than likely a common dialect (such as English) that is spoken around the world. As it has become the universal language of business, with most professionals using it in some form. This is similar to many Asian countries, where a large majority of the population will speak their first language among each other. Once they begin interacting with people from other countries, is the point that they will use their second language skills (i.e. English) to interact with them. ("Japan," 2011) ("Luxemburg," 2011)

The way that Luxembourg is different in their communication is with various greetings. For example, let suppose that you are saying good bye or hello to someone, in their language (which is French). What kind of managerial relationships could you assume exist between Skype and 3 Mobile? Between Skype and Verizon (assuming Skype is similar to Vonage)? Justify your answer. I believe that the relationship between the companies is one of mutual respect, over the history of cellular phones these companies have been everything from fierce competitors to partners and in the more recent history several companies have either been bought out by the larger companies or merged. So I believe that these companies maintain a level of respect for each other, because they really don’t know what the future holds especially for MNC’s. What kind of negotiations has Skype engaged in to enter the North American market? How does culture play a role?...

References: Blackwell, G. (2007, June 13). Skype 's uphill battle to win North America. Retrieved from
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