Sky Superstitions

Topics: Earth, Lunar eclipse, Moon Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: June 5, 2007
Steffani Hay and John Burrell
Mr. Klenk
Science Foundations 1A
Sky Superstitions
Over the many years, ancient civilizations have pondered about things that they cannot explain and tying them to strange occurrences. This is also known as a ‘superstition' to most people. In my research paper I will be explaining 3 myths about the earths atmosphere. Those three superstitions are.: the full moon, the aurora borealis and eclipses of the sun. it is amazing to find that today people still believe in these silly superstitions.

The first superstition is the full moon. The full moon has been tied to crimes, suicide, mental illness, disasters, accidents, birthrates, fertility and werewolves. Some people who engage in the stock market even buy and sell stock according to the phases of the moon. A method probably as effective as all the others. Numerous and extensive studies have tried to find lunar effects and get to understand them. So far, the studies haven't gotten a lot of the publics interest. Lunar effects that have been found have little or no connection with human behavior during a moon phase. For example, the discovery of a slight effect of the moon on global temperature, which in turn might have an effect on the growth of plants. There have been single studies here and there that have found relations between a various phenomenon and different phases of the moon. Some people believe that the moon can foretell whether or not what year they will be married soon, get rich, find true love. Those sorts of things.

The second superstition I will be talking about is the aurora borealis. For as long as there have been people on Earth, many legends, myths and superstitions have centered around the northern lights or the "aurora borealis". It is thought that the early dragon legends of China and Europe originated from the aurora, as people imagined fiery breath flashing across the sky. In ancient times, when the waves...

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