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The Dangers of Social Networking, and How to Avoid Them
General Purpose: To persuade
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to not put too much personal information on Facebook. Central Idea: Facebook is a handy tool to use, but also a very dangerous site, so it’s important to protect yourself from the dangers it presents.

I)Attention Material: Call on Jacob, and ensure the class knows we don’t know each other very well, then proceed to tell the class a few facts about him that only a friend would know. II)Orienting Material:

a)Background: Facebook is a site that can be used both for sharing photos and ideas with friends, but also for finding information about people you do not know. b)Credibility: Although seemingly everyone nowadays uses Facebook, including myself, I try to limit the amount of information that can be seen by unwanted users. c)Preview: Facebook can be a very vital tool for many reasons, but it also has many dangers. It’s important to use Facebook properly, and know how to protect yourself from the dangers it presents. (Transition: Let’s look first at the reasons people are so drawn to Facebook)

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I)Why are people so drawn to Facebook?
a)According to, there will soon be more than 1 billion Facebook users (, Oct 4, 2012) b)Facebook allows young people to easily interact with their friends, through the “chat” application. c)Older people are often attracted to Facebook because it allows them to re-connect with old friends they may have not heard from in a while, and may have never expected to hear from again! (Tell story about mom’s ex-boyfriend from High School) d)Facebook allows people of any age to share and re-live memories through photos, and videos (Transition: Those are all the moral reasons that people are attracted to Facebook, but what many people do not realize is that there are narcissists, and criminals who are attracted to the same site...
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