Skinhead Clothing

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The skinhead clothing is smart, clean and though. Skinhead clothing has working class origins. Skinheads wear clothes that would not get torn in the fight, which would stay pressed and neat and which would identify them in crowed. Skinhead boots originally studded army boots with steel toe caps, NBC boots, monkey boots or anything else that skinheads could get their hands on. Cherry red and black were most popular although black boots lost their astandard ppeal for some when black Ds became issue for plods. Levi’s red tag jeans and jacket are must for a skinhead. Button flies are in vogue at the moment, but some still prefer zips. Orange tab jeans are frowned upon in some circles. Jeans were always baggier in the original days, with skin tight ones appearing punk. Lee, make of jeans, especially popular in north before Levi’s became widely available. Wrangler, another popular make of jeans and jackets.

Skinhead trousers: Greens, army trousers made of green durable material. Cheap and hard waring. Skinhead clothing: Skinhead shirts and T-shirts: Shirts, American style button down shirts easily the most popular. Always worn with top button undone and long sleeves rolled up once or twice. Freds usualy worn with all buttons down up. Skinhead clothing: Skinhead Braces: Braces meant to hold your trousers up, but usually worn for style. Certainly not for comfort,. Sometimes worn over a thin pullover or tank top jumper.They were also worn over the shoulder and not around your bum until punk came along. Skinhead clothing: Skinhead suits; Suits, three and four buttons, narrow lapel, and either a middle or back went or two side vents are standard features of skinhead suits. Ticker pockets are another nice touch. Buttons on the sleeve were another measure of style with three being minimum. JACKETS: Jackets have always been pretty popular with skinheads, and mods before then & the suedeheads after. Harrington Jackets Made popular by some guy from British TV. A basic...
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