Skin Treatment - Esthetician - Chemistry

Topics: Cosmetics, Chemical reaction, Chemistry Pages: 3 (729 words) Published: November 16, 2008
An esthetician is a person who is specialised in the treatment of the skin. Estheticians help people with problems to do with their skin and also prescribe courses to keep the skin out of problems in the first place. Estheticians can work in a spa or a salon, independently, treating their own customers, or assisting a doctor. The last two, however require higher knowledge since they perform more complex prodedures, for example chemical peels, and they need a special certificate to apply for the job, even though all estheticians need a certain certificate to prescribe any skin/body care products or retail them to clients.

An esthetician should be able to discuss and analyse the clients problems as well as discussing with them the treatment and products prescribed with the cliens, which needs skills as active listening ans talking, and social perceptiveness- to understand the problems and the clients behavior and thoughts about them. Estheticians also need to be able to explain exactly how different treatments and products work to be sure that the client understands everything before starting to use the products or start using a certain treatment.

Estheticians carry out a very differing range of procedures for their clients. These include cleaning pores and improving skin tone, perform simple extractions from the skin, removing facial hair with depilatory wax, tinting eyebrows, massaging the face, applying cosmetic products, and applying chemical peels.

A Chemical peel is a procedure used mainly to improve the appearance of the skin. Usually it is applied to the face, hands or neck. Basically, it consists of a chemical solution to be applied to the skin. That irritates the skin and causes something like a blister, and the skin peels off. The skin that is left is smoother, softer and more sensitive. Chemical peels is one of the min connections of an Esthetician's job to chemistry, even though their whole job requires chemistry knowledge....
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