Skills of Managers Would Differ in Different Managerial Levels

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1. “Skills of managers would differ in different managerial levels” In organizations there are different kinds of managers. They could be categorised into the following. (Figure 1) Top Level Managers: They are responsible for making organisation-wide decisions and establishing the goals and plans that affect the entire organisation. Middle Level Managers: All levels of management between the first-line level/top level of the organisation. Figure 1

First Level Managers: The lowest level of management, and manage the work of non-managerial employees A skill is an ability to translate knowledge into action that results in a desired performance. Robert Katz divides the essential managerial skills into three categories—technical, human, and conceptual. He further suggests that the relative importance of these skills varies across the different levels of management. TECHNICAL SKILL| HUMAN SKILL| CONCEPTUAL SKILL|

 A technical skill is an ability to perform specialized tasks. Such ability derives from knowledge or expertise gained from education or experience. This skill involves proficiency at using select methods, processes, and expertise in one's job. Perhaps the best current example is skill in using the latest communication and information technologies. In the high-tech workplaces of today, technical proficiency in database management, spreadsheet analysis, presentation software, e-mail and electronic networks, and Internet searches is often a hiring prerequisite. Some technical skills require preparatory education, whereas others are acquired through specific training and on-the-job experience.|  Central to all aspects of managerial work and team leadership are human skills, or the ability to work well with other people. They emerge as a spirit of trust, enthusiasm, and genuine involvement in interpersonal relationships. A person with good human skills will have a high degree of self-awareness and a capacity for understanding or empathizing with the...
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