skills and qualities of a sna

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Qualities and Skills of a Special Needs Assistant


Confidentiality e.g. When talking about the pupils problems. Non-judgemental e.g. Not judging a pupil by their background Understanding e.g. Feel empathy for child and looking at the cause if there is a problem. Respect e.g. when respecting the rights of the pupil.

Working inclusively e.g. When including everyone when working as part of a team. Patience e.g. When waiting for a student who has Special Needs and may not be as fast as doing things as others. This also includes the quality of being understanding. I never put pressure on the child as this might result in panic. Appreciation of boundaries e.g. When not intruding a pupil's privacy. Ability to work under instruction e.g. When working in a learning environment under the instruction of the class teacher. Caring, friendly and approchable e.g I always try to look happy during my work experience to promote positivity.


Communication Skills e.g. When talking to the pupil in a polite manner. Inter-personal Skills e.g. When communicating and interacting with pupil and work colleagues. Practical Skills e.g. When assisting students with toileting. Organisational Skills e.g. Creating a coloured copies system to avoid confusion i.e red for English copies, green for Irish copies etc. Reliability e.g. Time keeping

Dedication and Passion for the job e.g.Taking the opportunity to work with students for an extended period of time. This can be a huge confidence builder for them. Plus, once you know a student's strengths and struggles, no one is better equipped than you to help them.
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