Skills and Knowledge

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Common core

The rights of children and young people are acknowledge by the integrated services surrounding them and their families in order to identify and achieve a common core value; being healthy, staying safe, achieving and enjoying, making positive contribution, achieve economic wellbeing, which are the sis areas of every child matters. I will talk about these key areas more in depth as we continue.

There are six key areas of every child matters and for a better understanding each areas and the importance it will looked at individually starting from numbers one [1] to six [6]. Here are the list as stated in the common core.

1. Effective communication and engagement
2. Child and young person development
3. Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of a child
4. Supporting transition
5. Multi-agency working
6. Sharing information

Effective communication
“Good communication is central to working with children, young people, their families and carers” the importance for skills and knowledge as stated in the common core gives a clear view as to the reasons and why it is so important to fallow these guidelines; Trust is a key part of effective communication between the those that are involved, a honest and open relationship is better to build by showing respect to the families you are working with, this can be reached if those involved do not feel under value and ignored. Showing honesty and respect for them by demonstrating that there too are apart of what is taking place in there surroundings. Communication is a two (2) way street and be aware that there are numerous ways of communicating which verbal(this is done orally or written), non-verbal(done in the form of body language, appearances and sounds ). It is also important to take into consideration the barriers of communications such as;

disabilities, language, culture and emotions
Each families may have different barriers of communication so knowing that they are involved...
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