Skill-Set & Behavior Assessment –General

Topics: Management, Responsibility, Individual responsibility Pages: 3 (305 words) Published: October 1, 2010
This training program is crafted to meet the needs of budding professionals.

Skill-set & behavior assessment –general

Self- 2nd essential Assess. View. Desirable.

1. Using and developing my knowledge.

2. Researching, investigating and problem solving.

3. communicating outwardly: face to face,
Phone, e-mail etc..

4. Listening and Interpretations, establishing rapport,
Understanding needs.

5. Developing solution. Agreeing thinks with people

6. Financial understanding and commercial ability

7. Speaking and presenting to groups.

8. Helping couching or teaching or training others.

9. Using information and communicating technology

10. Technical appreciation and use of equipment/tools/

11. Understanding and making the most of
my relationships with people and groups.

12. Competitor/industry awareness and considerations
of these factors in planning, decision-making etc.,

13. Taking initiative and responsibilities. eg., project
Management, running meetings etc.,

14. Visioning, creating and inspiring others with my ideas.

15. Managing time, planning, being effective,
Efficient, productive and reliable.

16. appreciating/applying social responsibility
Sustainability, humanity and ethical considerations.

Behavior, Attitudes and personal style

1. Striving for personal development

2. taking personal responsibility to resolve
problems even those not of own making.

3. Understanding the way people really feel.

4. Developing positive relationships.

5. Keeping focused and productive, reliable, dependable.

6. Planning how to...
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