Skill Related Fitness

Topics: Grand Slam, Australian Open, Tennis Pages: 3 (820 words) Published: July 15, 2005

For this project I have decided to describe each aspect of skill related fitness in relation to tennis. Tennis has always been one of my most enjoyable physical activities.


Agility is probably one of the best skills any tennis player can hone. I am also talking about any racket game especially squash. Agility helps performance in activities that require you to change direction quickly whilst keeping balance, strength, speed and body control. This is needed in tennis when you want to sprint over to the other side of the court. Agility is not just about the speed with which an individual can change direction. But it's also defined by the grace and fluidity of movement. With a great deal of practise, everyone is capable of being agile. Although speed and power can benefit agility, the main improvements in performance come from learning the skill of turning, moving limbs and pivoting quickly.


It is not worth having agility if you have not got any balance. Balance is not just vital in any sport but is vital in everyday life such as running. It is particularly vital in racket sports such as tennis, because as you are darting around the tennis court and using other skills, such as agility, you don't want to lose balance and control. This is why it is vital for any sportsmen to develop this skill.


Co-ordination is all about how well your eyes and hands work together. It measures how good you are at synchronising your upper body movements with the movements of ball. This is vital when you are any sportsmen. If you cannot track or follow a ball and move your body in time to meet it then it will be difficult to play racket sports such as tennis or squash. Tennis players have to learn to co-ordinate their racket with a ball by swinging their arm at the right time and at the right speed. This vital skill can be related to reaction time and reaction speed.

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