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The P G SKII Globalization Project
One of the most global corporations in the world is Procter and Gamble .
P G products have been entering overseas countries since the 1930s . By the mid 1990s , P G products and brands are available in over 75 countries , up from 27 countries a decade before . The strong overseas push is indeed one major growth catalyst for P G . The overseas push is centered around creating products for each local market while having an organizational structure which reflects the US structure .
In Japan , P G implemented in-country product research and development to cope with local competition . One such product was SK-II , a premium facial care product line . SK-II was successful in generating significant profits not only in Japan but also in the export markets of
Hong Kong and Taiwan . This was especially important due to the level of competition in the Japan market and the highly selective Japanese beauty product market .
In planning to expand the SK-II brand internationally , DeCesare should consider many factors . First is the market of the market for premium beauty products globally , the size and whether SK-II can compete against established brands . He should also analyze the performance of SK-II in the markets it had already entered - Hong Kong and Taiwan . Also , he would have to study whether the rigorous beauty regimen implemented by
SK-II is compatible with the behavior of beauty product consumers in other global markets .
The ability of SK-II to become a global brand will depend on how it fits with the Procter and Gamble portfolio . It will also depend on how P G will market SK-II in foreign markets . As a premium brand from Japan ,
SK-II will have to compete with established P G brands like Olay as well as premium offerings from the competition such as Estee Lauder . The personalization aspect of SK-II stores is also an innovation which P G can export out of Japan . Should P G

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