Skia Entrance Exam Systrem

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SKIA Entrance Examination Scheduling System
1.1 Introduction
Nowadays, most economic transactions involve a computer. Sometimes the computer takes the form of a smart cash register, sometimes it is part of a sophisticated point of sale system, and sometimes it is a web site. In each of these cases, the computer creates a record of the transaction. The record-keeping role was the original motivation for adding the computer to the transaction. Creating a record of transactions is the first step in building an accounting system, thereby enabling arms to understand how its business is doing. The Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy is implementing a manual system on scheduling the entrance examination of the students. By using this existing manual system it cannot avoid to create a difficulty in some cases. In this reason, the researcher conducts a study on how to implement a computerized scheduling system for the entrance examination of the Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy. The research study will be focus on how to translate the manual system on scheduling the entrance examination of the student. The Entrance scheduling system will be more faster, accurate and efficient than in a manual one. This system will accurately identify the vacant schedule where in the student can take their entrance examination. 1

1.2 Statement of the Problem2
1.2.1 The research study will allow the researcher to identify what are those difficulties in the Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy. Base on their manual transaction. These are the following problems. * How to develop a computerized Entrance Scheduling System? * How to identify the following vacant date in scheduling the entrance examination? * How to help the personnel in-charge in managing the number of students that need to take entrance examination? * How to fasten the scheduling of the entrance examination?

1.3 Statement of the Objectives
1.2.2 The general objective of the research study is how to design a system that will responsible for scheduling the entrance examination of Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy.
The Specific objectives of this research study are the following. * To identify the vacant date in taking the entrance examination of the students. * To help the personnel in-charge in terms of managing the numbers of the students that needs to take the entrance examination. * To provide a faster and efficient scheduling of the entrance examination.

1.4 Significance of the Study3
The Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy is aiming to be one of the competitive schools in the region. This research study will give and contribute to the development of the school. The following are the beneficiary of this research study.

SKIA Administration- The system will give an opportunity to the school to appreciate on how modern technology will innovate the transaction in the school. It will also give a credit to the name of the school as user of computerized transaction in scheduling.

Students- They will also a beneficiary of this system because the scheduling of their entrance examination will be accurate in a sense that the computerized transaction is faster and efficient.
The Researcher- The researcher will also benefit on this study because it will help to understand how powerful the modern technology.

1.5 Scope and Limitation
The research study has also a scope and limitation in order to identify the covered areas of this study and as well as areas that not being included on it.
The system has covered the transaction of registration the schedule of the students. Computerized recording of the information on scheduling. The System will be restricted to the unauthorized user by means of using the password of the administrator. Identifying the vacant date and generating the master list of scheduled students.

The research study limits its scope in...

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