Skf Bearing Company

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Customer service, Sweden Pages: 4 (1256 words) Published: April 17, 2013
SKF is world leader in the production of ball and roller bearings, having 15/20% of the world market. Ever since it was established in 1907 it has been a global, production and distribution focused company, selling the very same type of products all over the world. Of course SKF has changed throughout this period. However, what is most striking with the company in particular compared with the picture of modern global organizations painted by current management literature; is its stability. SKF is changing, but in small steps. SFK company is a leader supplier of products, solutions and services of rolling bearing is recognized as the preferred portal industry, providing products, services and high quality solutions based on experience that help customers succeed in their markets. SKF is crucial for overall performance of the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, especially in growing markets such as Asia-Pacific.” In growing marketers like Asia pacific however, local accommodation in Sweden meant that costumer with the Far East experienced a lower quality of service compared with Europe and North America. The challenge was greater because comprises 90 corporate websites. In 2003, as part of an effort to completely reinvent the way the company dealt with the Web, asked SKF Akamai to help him speed up page delivery, improve worldwide availability and reduce the cost infrastructure expansion. This was a new goal of SKF Company, to be better than other companies and keep going like a leader of the market. Even when SKF seems to be following modern infrastructure strategies, aligning business and infrastructure strategy, following a top down, centrally controlled, approach, it does so by developing slowly, without radical breaks with its past. But how long will such a conservative approach be possible? Can SKF meet an increasingly global competition by simply making its production and distribution organization more efficient? Or is there a need for...
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