Skepticism: Evolution and Firm Belief Accurate

Topics: Evolution, Critical thinking, Skepticism Pages: 3 (973 words) Published: April 25, 2012
Can a person be skeptical about everything, or are there limits?  Is it possible to doubt everything, or almost everything? Are there beliefs you possess that cannot be challenged or shown to be false? How might the skeptic respond to your claim that such a belief cannot be doubted? Identify one such specific belief and present your response to the skeptic.

Skeptic people distrust and question all accepted judgments. If your journey is toward touching reality, then skepticism is a constructive intellectual quality. This trait is a part of almost everyone’s personality but with different levels. Questioning the opinions is not detrimental, rather, by undertaking this interrogation process you get to know the levels of intellectualism. In my view, you cannot be skeptical about everything, there are certain limits. A skeptic believes that some body of knowledge is precise and accurate. They simply want a measure to judge the reality of a belief (The Limits). For example, they cannot be skeptic about analytical truths and common sense beliefs. Like, they cannot say that two and two do not make four; it would lead them to trouble.

To doubt everything is an extreme level and it is obvious that both maximum and extreme are unhealthy. For example, if I ask you to make a cup of tea, you will ask ‘why’? I will reply as I said so, but you will insist as ‘but why’? To doubt everything may be viewed as a personality disorder or may enlarge paranoia in the personality.

I have a strong personal belief that there is a reason behind every occurrence and nothing is incidental in this world. I believe, until you are not capable of defending and justifying your belief, it’s of no use to hold it. People, who tend to be skeptic about or almost everything, wonder and interrogate simply EVERYTHING. They narrate that they find questions in every given fact as well. People with such extreme reaction may challenge my belief, but I have number of facts, figures and arguments to...
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