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Topics: Harry Potter, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Hogwarts Pages: 13 (4498 words) Published: February 21, 2011
Karana: She is the protagonist. When the Aleuts invade her homeland and the natives fled, Karana and her brother are left behind to fend for themselves. SECONDARY CHARACTERS
Ramo: This was Karana’s younger brother. He is however killed shortly after the island is deserted by a pack of hungry, wild dogs. Ulape: Karana’s older sister. Ulape manages to escape with the natives and therefore is not mentioned much in the novel. Her sister as sometimes vain and shallow describes her but she is one of the characters Karana misses the most while she is stuck on the island by herself. Tutok: An Aleut girl, Karana befriends when the Aleuts invade the island for a third time. PLOT SUMMARY

Karana lives with her family on a tropical island, which they call the Island of the Blue Dolphins. Life is good here and the land is prosperous until a Russian group of invaders known as the Aleuts invade the island and instill fear into the natives by means of battle and murder. When the Aleuts visit the island for a second time, the natives flee the island in fear of war leaving behind Karana’s brother, Ramo. When Karana realizes this, she jumps off the ship in an attempt to save her brother but the ship leaves without her as well. Ramo is soon after killed by a group of wild dogs, leaving Karana to fend for herself. After a while of waiting in hope, she gives up on the ship’s return and makes a life for herself using the resources of the land. In the end a ship returns to the island after a few years claiming that the original ship broke down and therefore couldn’t return to save Karana. SETTING AND ITS EFFECT ON THE PLOT

The story is set on a tropical island. The island plays an important role in the novel, as the resources of the island were the reasons for the Aleuts invading the land in the first place. Also Karana makes use of the land and its resources to the best of her abilities in order to survive. MOMENTOUS MOMENT IN THE NARRATIVE

An example of a momentous moment would be when Karana abandons the ship in order to save her brother. This very act displays great levels of selflessness and self sacrifice and shows an authentic love for one’s brother.

Harry: The protagonist. Harry is an 11-year-old boy who finds out that he is actually a wizard and is to attend Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. He is a brave, adventurous boy and is also very famous in the wizard world for surviving the death curse that Voldemort used to kill his family. Ron Weasley: A red head boy who is Harry’s best friend at Hogwarts. Hermione Granger: A very intelligent, book-smart witch who is also one of Harry’s best friends. She is muggle-born and therefore both her parents are non-magical beings. Draco Malfoy: The anti-hero in the novel. Draco is Harry’s rival at school who constantly teases his peers who he believes to be beneath him through psychological means.

Albus Dumbledore: Headmaster of Hogwarts.
Professor Quirrel: Harry’s defense against the dark arts teacher. At first he appears to be a harmless character but in the end, we found out that Lord Voldemort has taken over his body to find the Philosopher’s Stone. The Dursleys: Harry ’s only remaining family who have “taken care” of him for the past 11 years. They treat Harry unfairly and loathe anything out of the ordinary including Harry, himself, as he is a wizard. PLOT SUMMARY

Harry Potter, a not so ordinary boy, founds out he is a wizard and enrolls in his first year at Hogwarts. During his school year, he founds out that Philosopher’s Stone is hiding at Hogwarts and someone is planning to steal it. At first he suspects it to be the Potions Master, Professor Snape but find out that it is the harmless...
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