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Celebrating the company’s seventy-fifth anniversary, Donna Cooper was hired to write GPC’s seventy-fifth anniversary book. While searching in the downstairs corporate archives with David Fisher they stumbled across some old love letters that had never been seen, and then Miss Cooper found her way over to the founder of the company’s old writing desk and gave it a shove. When doing so one of the desk legs gave way and the desk ended up falling on Miss Cooper. When David got over to help he found a new drawer that he had never seen before with in the desk that contained the original patent to Parkelite. The only problem is that when looking over the document he noticed that Hudson Parker, the man who founded the company, did not originally come up with the design of the product. Hap Parker, the CEO of this company now, has multiple obligations that he owes to his stakeholders. One thing is the ethical issues that a company should have with in their company. With them being a company that has supposedly built their culture around their honesty and integrity as a company, then he owes it to the stakeholders to come out and tell them about what has transpired over the last couple weeks even if he has uncovered some bad news. Granted he will have no clue how people will react to the news but it is the ethical and right thing to do. There is a chance that he could lose his job and stuff but there is also that chance that he won’t. Also the CEO of a company is supposed to have the stakeholder’s interest in mind. With this big of news it could change everything within the company if he isn’t the one that comes out and tells the stakeholders. If he waits and they found out some other way then he will have all the stakeholders mad at him. Another obligation
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