Skateboarding and Z-boys

Topics: Skateboarding, Z-Boys, Lords of Dogtown Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: December 14, 2005
Carlos Delcompare
Shari Alvanas

Skateboarding as Pop culture: The Mark of the Z-Boys

The sport of skateboarding has been around for many years. The sport has gone from the early nineteen-hundreds to modern day society. The sport went from just being a hobby to becoming one of the most popular sports of today. Throughout the years skateboarding has been significantly modified to suit the skaters of the day.

Since skateboarding has been in existence for so long it has changed to maintain popularity over time. One of the most significant changes took place in California. The "Lords of Dogtown" as they where considered would change the sport of skateboarding forever. This was a group of kids that had a very hard upbringing and relied on skateboarding as a way of expression. Many of these kids had little or no money and needed to find something to keep them out of trouble. There were three young men that where highly regarded for their modified way of skateboarding and their "bad boy" attitudes. These three were Stacey Peralta, Jay Adams, and Tony Alva. These are the men that are responsible for the new wave of skateboarders that are making debuts in today's sport. Skateboarding has been practiced since the early nineteen hundreds and has made a significant change over the years. The first skateboard that was made featured roller skate wheels attached to a two by four. Most of the time the board had a milk crate nailed to it with handles sticking out for control. In the nineteen-fifties kids began to take off the crate and handles and just enjoyed riding the two by four on wheels. In the late nineteen-fifties surfing became a lot more popular. Most surfers tied the sport of surfing to skateboarding. As members of the Z-boys Jay, Stacey, and Tony were incredible surfers and looked at skateboarding as a tool to broaden their horizon. The Z-boys would hold practices to improve their skills and also to prove...
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