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Topics: Body shape, Health, Nutrition Pages: 2 (792 words) Published: January 5, 2011
this is not finished but this is what iv got so far.
How far is to far to go for fashion? Is it really that fashionable to be skinny that bones are visable? In a nation where image is everything, we always follow what the media puts forward as the ideal appearance. In resent years its become fashionable to see how thin you can get, It's become many womans and girls ambition in life to be stick thin, size zero(a UK size four). Does being skinny means that they've reached the top of fashion and social status. Being a teenages myself who is intrested in what the media puts infront of readers my age. I feel its nessary to ressearch the reasons why such skinny models are used on catwalks instead of larger sized woman. Should skinny models be banned? PROS..

Being size zero does not just give you the perfect body but what alot of people do not know is that it comes with alot of consequences which could lead to death. Therefore the band would be a good idea as there are many health problems associatied with being size zero, meaning that many womans and teenage girls are putting there bodys at risk. The National Institute of Mental Health estimate 4.2% of size zero bodies suffer from anerxia or bulimia. Anerixia exacts the highest death rate of any mental illness. A rate twelve times higher than any deaths from all other causes for woman aged fifteen too twenty-four. It was noted that in August two thousand and six a young model, the age of twenty-two died after starving herself trying to get the perfect body, this is not the only case as infact many young girls/models have put themself at risk or even death trying to what they think is the perfect body shape but infact are doing more harm than good. Alot of people may blame it on the extreme pressure put on young girls from the media.

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists Website "The average person is exposed to about three thousand advertining messages a day, and globally corporations spend over £620...
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