Sixteenth Street Baptist Church Bombing Research Paper

Topics: 16th Street Baptist Church bombing, September 11 attacks, American Civil War, Osama bin Laden / Pages: 5 (1145 words) / Published: Mar 1st, 2017
In the past couple of weeks instead of talking about the involvement of the adults during the civil rights movement instead the focus has been on the involvement of children and adolescents. Some of the people and events talked about include Emmett Till being beaten to death and shot, the Little Rock Crisis were nine African Americans who are some of the top in their current situation are being protested against to the point of needing military involvement, the children's march were little African American boys and girls miss school to march and end up being attacked by police dogs, and fire hoses, and the sixteenth street baptist church bombing. A story that really hit me emotionally was the sixteenth baptist church bomb that took the life …show more content…
Little did they know that in the same basement was a bomb set to go off at the same time the ceremony would begin. In the videos watch in class it is learned that the church received a phone call prior to the bomb that seemed like nonsense but would soon be seen as a warning. Three minutes after the call the bomb was detonated and took the lives of four girls and injured another twenty. In the poem Ballad of Birmingham, Dudley Randall writes so it is read as a conversation would sound. The poem starts with a child asking to go march and a mother pretty much saying no you can not do that it is too dangerous after that option is shot down the child argues that it is okay because they will not be alone again the mother says no but this time she offers to let her daughter attend church. In the next two stanza the reader gets a visual of a little African American girl cleaned and groomed dressed to attend church with her mother smiling and willingly letting the daughter go to Church. But just like that Dudley Randall drops a bomb and flips the poem around now instead of smiling and feeling as though her daughter is safe the reader can visualize a mother digging through the rubbage, calling for her daughter, with no answer and the only thing left of that little girl is a shoe. When reading this the closest thing to seeing an event like this would be the terrorist attacks on September 11,

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