Six Steps of Critical Thinking

Topics: Thought, Critical thinking, Ethics Pages: 2 (265 words) Published: September 19, 2015
Contemporary issues related to computer ethics

Just imagine life without computers on a daily basis. Computers are used everywhere, works, homes, schools, libraries. Every day in our lives. Everywhere has access to the internet. Computers have changed the lives of human beings. Without the internet, some people would feel lost. Computer ethics is a part of practical philosophy which deals with social conduct and how computing professionals should make their decisions. Technology has a lot of ethical challenges and concerns when it comes to computer privacy, security and professional ethics. Critical thinking involves thinking and reasoning. We construct or evaluate reasons to support beliefs. Reflection is also involved in critical thinking. Evaluation and examination of our own thoughts and ideas. Critical thinking is also practical. Actions are more rational if they are based on beliefs. Step 1: Knowledge-In the terms of critical thinking, a level of acquisition of knowledge requires you to be able to identify what is being said. Step 2: Comprehension-Understanding what the material reads, seen or heard. Step 3: Application-Application requires that you know and understand what you seen, read or heard. Step 4: Analysis-Involves breaking what you have heard or read into component parts. In a order to make the knowledge that was acquired on your own by relating it to what you know. Step 5: Synthesis-Involves your ability to put together the component parts in order. To make them more clearer, in order, related and connected to the ideas. Step 6: Evaluation-Occurs when we understand and analyze what was said and what was written.
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