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Six Forms of Government

By Ditttt Jan 30, 2013 981 Words
Six forms of government according to Aristotle and what form is in your country?

There are six forms of government, according to Aristotle. There are three main forms (government of one, government of a few, and government of many) with two which derive from the main ones: Royalty – Tyranny; Aristocracy – Oligarchy; Constitutional Government – Democracy. First of all, Royalty is a constitutional government of one which purpose is the common good as a whole. However, in most cases it turns out that the Royalty cannot act as a true one because the main figure achieves more power and decides to take the decisions without taking into account the solutions of problems which lead to a common good. Thus there comes the Tyranny. There come the rules of an individual which are designed in a way to make him thrive and prosper over the others. All people need to obey because the ruler possesses the power, the dignity and the land which helps him to prevent others` actions from the government policies and decisions of the whole country. Secondly, there is an Absolute Aristocracy which means that the government is consisted of the people who have the most virtue and are very wealthy. But the problem is that when the property is too high to be achieved from the poor, they cannot take place in the government and they are not able to have a point on every decision which is made because they are not qualified enough, taking into account all the property which the rich can afford to have. That is why Aristocracy turns automatically into Oligarchy. This form of government could transform into a Dynasty because the rich have all the options and chances of becoming the rulers and no one could oppose this fact because no one has more power or money than the ruler of the Dynasty. Thus there again arises the problem of the unachievable common good. Aristocracy is based on the idea of the common good but there are many obstacles which hinder this aim and one of them is the big amount of property which is impossible to be achieved by the poor. Moreover, the government of many means Constitutional Government which could be Absolute when the Democracy and the Oligarchy are in action. But this is very difficult to be achieved because many people are not unanimous on important topics which are the basis of the decisions. Constitutional Government has rules and constitution which should be the same for all citizens in a country. But there are fines to the rich and to the poor, too. The main difference between this form of government and the Oligarchy is that the poor have small property qualification and the rich have bigger one. That is why there is no problem of rich people to rule all the poor ones because the poor could have their own community without hindering the actions of the rich. The Democracy, on the other hand, is a form of the Constitutional Government which exists when the qualification is based on a certain property because every citizen, no matter rich or poor, has the right to have own property. It is obvious that the rich will have bigger property and more power whiles the poor – smaller and restricted power. However, it is said that everyone has the right to achieve as many properties as he wants. Democracy is the only one form of government which enables citizens to make their own profit, to establish their own firms, to live their own lives without any restrictions in form of living or forms of possessions which they want to achieve. All citizens should be equal in front of the court and all rules of the constitution should be considered in every single sphere in the everyday life. That is one of the possible ways to the achievement of the common good for everyone. The form of government in our country is very complicated. Bulgaria has a constitution, a president and an election court. We live in a democratic country. Bulgarians are free to take their decisions, make choices in different areas, consider the facts which lead to clever answers and elect rulers every four years. However, there are a lot of political parties which always oppose each others ideas and make it difficult for the citizens to understand which is better for the country. Many political ideas and theories turns out to be misleading and people get very disappointed at the end but Bulgarian citizens do everything to achieve the success of the nation, no matter sooner or later this would be a reality. Bulgarians always want the common good to be a real good for them. That is why for so many years they have tried to elect “the right one” among all these political parties which become more and more every after year. In addition, a lot of the politicians do not know which political party to support and they get confused. For example, one politician supports a certain party for a few years and after that he changes his mind and gets involved in the doctrine of another. It is very complicated and difficult to decide which is best for your country and your family, too. All politicians are very interested in the common good but it often turns out to be a deceptive outlook. In conclusion, there are six forms of government according to Aristotle, which are very complicated. There are three main forms which are the basis of the six ones. When the main forms (Royalty, Aristocracy, and Constitutional Government) get perverted they become the other three forms (Tyranny, Oligarchy, and Democracy). Every form of government has its own special rules and structures. Bulgaria is a democratic country, full of various problems connected with politics and parties which work for the common good since they have been established.

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